All the way...to Day 15

When I say a lot has been going on, that's an understatement. But at the same time that we're super busy, we're not. You know? It's that we've-got-3-small-kids-and-no-time-to-stop-and-breathe season of our lives right now. Or maybe my time management skills could use a little polishing. Either way, I'm behind on posting.
Day 7: he took out the trash without me asking AND replaced the bag
Day 8: he not only helped me with volunteer time at M's school, he did the whole task while I watched the kids
Day 9: he drove all the way to Corvallis without a complaint about how tired he was from working late
Day 10: he filled favor bags for M's bday party and when the boys went to "help" him, he didn't complain that they were throwing off his groove
Day 11: he let me listen to the same songs repeatedly during our drive, cuz he knows they make my heart happy
Day 12: he told me to take a real shower (not in a mean, you're-a-stinky-person kind of way)
Day 13: he got up with B, even though he had a long night at work (he gets up with the kidlets any time I'm nursing, and sometimes...he just does it, even when I'm not nursing - this is also a big deal to tired, ol' me)
Day 14: he worked a double
Day 15: he gave up his morning to do whatever so that he could spend time with me while we got groceries (neither of us like shopping)

This is therapeutic for me, so please don't guffaw at some of my entries - some of these things really mean a lot to me! ;) I get that lots of guys just step up and do. My shy guy doesn't want to step on people's toes, so these things - all unprompted - are a big deal to me. ;)


Days 5 & 6

Nope - I didn't forget -- it's been a crazy coupla days...
Yesterday Sean took Ruby while simultaneously working on a test so that I could finish sweeping.  Doesn't sound like a big deal to you? It is to me...  My husband, the multitasker... <3 p="">
Today he came out (unprompted) and mowed the lawn so I could take a breather...
Thanks husband!  Looks great & smells great out there!


Day 4

He closed up the house for the night (which includes letting the dogs out & checking on/re-tucking in the boys)...something I do nightly. I got to sit on my duff for a few extra minutes. Nice...


Day 3

My husband stayed home with our sick boys so I could attend a friend's baby shower that I helped plan. 150 miles away. 💗💗💗
I'm missing my guys tonight...


Day 2

Nope, I didn't forget... I've been chewing on this one all day. Yesterday abounded with moments of selfless serving by my dearest. Today I really had to look past all the tasks *I* had to accomplish and all the craziness that accompanies settling into a new home and having two sick boys and a nursing baby and just breathe for a minute in order to see. I get overwhelmed easily lately, it seems, and frustration peaks when Sean just doesn't read my mind. HOW DARE HE?!
So tonight when he told me to go sit down with Ruby while he did the dishes, a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.
Thanks, husband...


31: Day 1

A thought occurred to me this morning as I was preparing my kids' brekkie and getting my life-blood, I mean, my coffee ready.  There was just a little bit of half & half left.  I saved it for Sean.  I told him to take it for his coffee for his drive for work.  He said no, that he was saving it for me.  We've had "wars" before - where we battle back and forth over who gets the last of something we're almost out of that we both really like.  You're thinking I should be more on top of my shopping, right??  Our boys are sick, so I'm not taking them out to the store, and my time has just gone elsewhere.  (Obviously not here until today - I haven't posted in forever!!)  ;)

Anyway, I digress.  Making my coffee and using the last of that half & half (because it would make him smile) made me think that I really haven't given my husband of almost 10 years enough credit lately.  I've accused him, not necessarily openly but definitely in my heart, of being selfish.  If you wanna play that game - we're ALL selfish, in different ways.

I decided I needed an attitude change, a heart change.  For the next 31 days I'm going to post something that Sean does that is completely and unabashedly selfLESS.

Just because someone doesn't do something YOUR WAY doesn't mean they're not trying to show you that they care.

My husband insists that I get the last of the half & half when he knows I prefer that to milk in my coffee.  Thank you, love...




I let someone else's words to me affect how I treated my children today. And in that moment, that failure, what that person said came true...I am a not-so-great mama.